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License File Settings

License File Settings

Via the License File Settings it is possible to lock your license files with different locks. This way the valid license file is only valid for a specific time (e.g. 1 year, 100 uses ...).

To generate licenses which are only valid on a specific machine, you must enable "Hardware Lock." You supply your clients with a hardware identifier executable (HID.exe) which .NET Reactor produces for you (Tools -> Hardware ID Generator). Clients run the Hardware ID Generator, which produces a Hardware ID file (*.txt). The client sends this file to you, which the License Manager uses to output a valid, machine-specific license. You can also use the SDK library "License.dll" to extract the hardware ID of the current machine.

  • Individual Licensing Behaviour - If you set this option to "True", each license file you create will use it's own independent lock data for the evaluation period / evaluation type, Expiration Date and/or Number of Uses locks. If a license file has expired this allows you to easily create a new license file with this option set to "True" and new evaluation period parameters set,and the trial period for this license file begins at 0 again. If you want all license files (with the same masterkey) to share the same lock data you set this option to "False". With Individual Licensing Behaviour set to True, you can implement licensing schemes such as "software as a service" whereby your customer purchases a number of uses of your software. Each time your customer purchases more uses of your software, you issue him with another License file, with Individual Liense Behaviour set to "True", enable the Number of Uses lock and set the Number of uses to the amount the customer has purchased.