User guide

Master Key

To create valid license files, the same master key must be used for license creation as was used to produce IntelliLock locked assembly. This Master Key is generated when you create your IntelliLock project, which must be saved to preserve the original key. Never hand out the Master Key to anybody! IntelliLock does not use the assembly name or version information to store/read license and trial data on a machine. It uses only the Master Key to store/read the corresponding trial data. If you lock an assembly with a new Master Key the old trial data is not used anymore. IntelliLock uses military-grade strong asymmetric encryption (RSA, 2048 bit keysize) to protect license data. This encryption key is stored in the Master Key. Since it is only the Master Key that holds the complete encryption key (master key is not stored in a locked assembly or licene file), please keep your project file secret!