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Visual Studio Add-In

The IntelliLock Visual Studio Add-In enables you to automate the assembly lock/protection process everytime you build your Visual Studio project.
You can install the Visual Studio Add-In via the IntelliLock menu item Tools->VS Add-In.
After you you have installed the Add-In a new Visual Studio menu item is available.
The Add-In:
Check "Enabled" to enable the automated lock/protection process for the selected "Configuaration". If you want to use an external IntelliLock project file, please uncheck "Store & User Current IntelliLock Project Settings..." and select the corresponding IntelliLock project file. To process Click-Once and Setup projectd you need to uncheck "Store & User Current IntelliLock Project Settings...", select your IntelliLock project file and click "Creacte VS Deployment Project". Use the generated Visual Studio project to process your Click-Once or Setup project with IntelliLock.