The Ultimate .NET Obfuscator

Unmatched .NET code protection system which completely stops anyone from decompiling your code.

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Leading Code Protection


.NET Reactor prevents reverse engineering by adding different protection layers to your .NET assemblies. Beside standard obfuscation techniques it includes special features like NecroBit, Virtualization, x86 Code Generation or Anti Tampering. NET Reactor is the only tool which offers Code Encryption for Windows, Linux and OSX.


.NET Reactor offers a fully managed licensing solution for .NET applications and libraries. You can directly apply trial versions to already compiled assemblies and hardware lock license files. If required there is an SDK to programmatically load license files and check the license status.


.NET Reactor supports all dotnet implementations including .NET Framework, .NET 5.0-8.0, .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. This way there is full protection support for Xamarin, Unity and Blazor assemblies.


You can use .NET Reactor through the intuitive GUI or via command-line. Our command-line generator makes it very easy to use .NET Reactor in scripts. A Visual Studio Add-in and DevOps Tasks help you to integrate Reactor into your build environments.

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Stop your work from being stolen or used without payment!

.NET Reactor protects your intellectual property in a powerful and reliable way. It does everything an obfuscator does, but wraps your intellectual property in several more layers of protection, denying access to your source code to those who are determined to steal your hard work.

Protection features like NecroBit make reconstruction of your source code more difficult by so many orders of magnitude that it is one of the most effective protection features you can use for your .NET assemblies. No other tool offers this level of protection for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

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On top of the industry leading code protection there is a licensing system. The licensing system secures your revenue by enforcing licensing terms with a rich variety of trial version and full version locks. Licenses can be locked to specific hardware.
You can even add licensing without writing a single line of code. As you get both code encryption and licensing from one product, .NET Reactor knows the most effective way to protect the licensing code. This is something which is not possible if you combine an obfuscator with another licensing product.

Totally protect and license your code for just $199.

We compared different obfuscators and .NET Reactor was the only one which met and indeed exceeded our expectations. We switched from Dotfuscator to .NET Reactor and have not looked back since.

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