.NET Reactor [] 27-Sep-2022 Download
.NET 7.0 protection support
.NET Reactor command-line app for Linux and macOS
.NET MAUI protection support
Added further 'Obfuscation' naming conventions
Added .NET bundle compression support
Added 'Fallback To Inbuilt Settings' licensing option
Added option to overwrite existing mapping files
Added 'Merge Mapping Files' option to output a single mapping file
Added 'Xamarin/MAUI Blob File Viewer' tool to check the content of protected blob files
Added 'Declarative Protection' option (https://www.eziriz.com/help/definitions/declarative_protection/)
Added 'NecroBit' support for ARM/ARM64 CPUs. Supported OS: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS
Improved 'String Encryption'
Improved 'Control Flow Obfuscation'
Improved cross assembly obfuscation
Improved merging to support WPF assemblies containing resources with duplicate XAML/BAML names
Improved stack trace deobfuscation
Improved .NET Reactor protection speed (especially when called via command-line)
Portable PDB output support
Minor improvements
Fixed 'Code Virtualization' issues
Fixed bundling issue
Fixed Razor Page obfuscation issue
Fixed ReadyToRun issue
Fixed VS 2022 Add-in issue
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 16-Nov-2021 Download
Added .NET 6.0 protection support
New Visual Studio 2022 Add-in
Improved Visual Studio 2019 Add-in
Improved 'Code Virtualization'
Improved 'Control Flow Obfuscation'
Now .NET Reactor hides the content of bundled .NET Core/5.0/6.0 applications (self-contained single files). Previously the bundle content could be inspected with tools like ILSpy. To use this feature the 'Anti ILDASM' option must be enabled.
Added protection support for trimmed self-contained .NET 5.0/6.0 applications. You need to add the Eziriz.Reactor.TrimHelper NuGet package to your source project.
Added 'Embed / Merge Settings'->'Embed Assembly Strict Version Handling' option to give you more control over the runtime assembly loading behavior.
To assist moving from Dotfuscator to .NET Reactor most Dotfuscator obfuscation attributes are honored now.
New 'Blue' theme
Minor improvements
Fixed 'String Encryption' issue
Fixed code signing issue affecting files with .p12 file extension
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 19-May-2021 Download
Added 'NecroBit' protection support for Linux and OSX (.NET Standard 2.x, .NET Core 3.x, .NET 5)
New powerful 'Advanced Rules' editor for advanced exclusion/inclusion settings
Added 'Namespaces' and 'Method Parameters' obfuscation exclusion settings
Added 'Expired' and 'HardwareNotMatched' SDK license state properties
Added option to enable/disable method splitting ('Control Flow Obfuscation'->'Method Splitting'). 'Method Splitting' splits individual methods into smaller ones.
Improved String Encryption combined with better runtime performance (up to 6 times faster!)
Improved 'Code Virtualization'
Improved 'Control Flow Obfuscation'
New 'Command-Line Generator'
Imroved Property Grid design
Many other minor improvements
Fixed 'Code Virtualization' issues
Fixed ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException
Fixed .NET Core 'Anti ILDASM' issue
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 12-Nov-2020 Download
Added .NET 5.0 protection support
Added .NET Core 3.x and .NET (Core) 5.0 licensing support for Windows based applications/libraries
New 'Anti Tampering' approach
Added option to exclude specific resources from encryption/compression ('Resource Encryption & Compression'->'Exclusion List')
Added merging and embedding support for localization/language resource dlls
Added obfuscation option 'Naming Convention'->'UnprintableWithoutLineBreaks'
Added protection support for Fody/Costura processed assemblies
Improved obfuscation support for JSON serialization
Improved 'Control Flow Obfuscation' runtime performance
Improved command-line protection speed. Depending on the file size .NET Reactor is up to 30% faster now.
Minor improvements
Fixed cross obfuscation issue affecting generic methods
Fixed 'Code Virtualization' issue
Fixed merging issue
Fixed Unity3D 'Control Flow Obfuscation' issue
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 07-Jun-2020 Download
Added Blazor protection support
Added .NET 5 Preview 4 protection support
Added ' Bundle' option to create .NET Core 3.x single file applications
Improved resource compression support. Now you can choose between different compression methods.
Improved 'Control Flow Obfuscation'
Added 'Hide Method Calls' support for net standard 2.1
Added 'NecroBit' and 'Hide Method Calls' support for .NET Core 2.x assemblies. Corresponding support for .NET Core 3.x was already added in v6.2.0.0.
Improved merging. If you merge assemblies which have localization resource dlls, the localization resource dlls will be automatically merged as well.
Improved GUI. Quick access to 'Quick Settings' sub options via special gear buttons.
Improved protection speed
Minor improvements
Fixed 'Code Virtualization' issue
Fixed 'Control Flow Obfuscation' issue
Fixed 'Hide Method Calls' issue for .NET Core
Fixed C# 8.0 related issue
Fixed Windows Server 2016 digital certificate signing issue
Fixed Avalonia application obfuscation issue
Fixed FIPS issue preventing .NET Reactor from running
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 15-Jan-2020 Download
New 'Code Virtualization' feature   READ MORE
New 'Hide Method Calls' feature   READ MORE
New 'Anti Debug' feature
Improved 'Control Flow Obfuscation'
Added portable PDB file support
Improved obfuscation exclusion editor ('Obfuscation'->Exclusions'->'Exclusion Rules') to cover more exclusion scenarios
Added 'Obfuscation'->'Naming Convention' option to choose between various naming styles
Added 'Public Types Internalization'->'Filter' option to control which classes should be internalized
Added 'Create Mapping File'->'FileName' option to set the location where mapping files should be saved
Added .NET Reactor Azure DevOps Task
Updated Visual Studio 2019 Add-in
Imroved startup time of hardware ID locked applications
.NET Core Update:
  • Added 'Single File Bundle Generator' ('Tools'->'.NET Core Tools'->'Single File Bundle Generator') to create .NET Core 3.x single file application bundles without increasing the size of your application.
  • Now .NET Reactor can directly open self-contained single files
  • Added 'Code Encryption' support
  • Added 'Code Virtualization' support
  • Added Merging & Embedding support. All affected JSON files will be automatically updated as well.
Fixed type forwarding issue
Fixed digital certificate server connection issue
Fixed GUI glitches
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 27-May-2019 Download
New 'Control Flow Obfuscation' engine
New Visual Studio 2019 Add-in
New (high DPI aware) graphical user interface
Full .NET Framework 4.8 support
Improved 'String Encryption'
Improved algorithms to reduce .NET Reactor protection detection
Improved XAML/BAML protection (WPF)
Improved 'Stealth' obfuscation
Less Windows API calls to prevent false positives virus reports
Fixed C# 7.3 related issue
Fixed digital code signing issue
Fixed issue causing a BadImageFormatException
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 08-Mar-2019 Download
Added .NET Core 3 (Preview 2) protection support
Added obfuscation inclusion option to enforce obfuscation for compiler generated serializable types
Improved Control Flow Obfuscation runtime performance
Improved hardware ID algorithm
Added support for the Microsoft Certificate Store. This way also code signing certificates with hardware token are supported.
NecroBit and String Encryption improvements
Fixed JSON serialization issue
Fixed FIPS issue
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 01-Dec-2018 Download
Added Universal Windows (UWP) protection support and added corresponding protection presets
Added ASP.NET Core protection support
Added .NET Core 2.2 protection support
Added public type internalization exclusion editor (2. Protection Settings -> Public Types Internalization -> Exclusions)
Added options to exclude compiler generated types and properties from obfuscation (Obfuscation -> Exclusions -> Compiler Generated Types)
Added license generation support (LicenseGenNetStandard.dll) for the .NET Standard/Core environment
Improved protection support for NET Standard and Core libraries
Fixed issue where WPF applications sometimes not correctly detected as desktop application
Fixed project file loading problem
Fixed compiled XAML (BAML) reading issue
Fixed mixed mode (C++/CLI) obfuscation issue
Fixed Visual Studio 2017 Add-in issue
Fixed dynamic encryption issue
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 17-Oct-2018 Download
Added options to selectively merge/embed assemblies and attributes
Added 'Enforce Signing' strong name option
Added 'Stealth Mode' obfuscation option to generate meaningful class and member names. This way it is less obvious which parts are obfuscated.
Added NET Standard 1.0-1.5 protection support (1.6-2.0 already added in v5.9.2.0)
Improved Stack Trace Deobfuscator
Improved obfuscation of compiler generated helper classes and methods (Linq, dynamic...)
Minor GUI improvements (added new Protection Presets, recall for various file dialog locations)
Fixed Xamarin Forms issue where .NET Reactor could not resolve base libraries
Fixed generic parameter obfuscation issue
Fixed x64 assembly code signing certificate issue
Fixed issue where .NET Reactor sometimes produced invalid assemblies
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 12-Sep-2018 Download
Rebuild protection engine to support more frameworks
Added NET Core protection support
Added NET Standard 1.6-2.0 protection support
Added Xamarin.Forms for MAC OSX (Eto.Forms) protection support
Added GTKSharp (Linux) protection support
Enhanced portable/universal assembly protection
Improved Control Flow Obfuscation
Improved String Encryption
Improved runtime performance of assemblies protected with control flow obfuscation
Improved cross assembly obfuscation
Updated Visual Studio Add-in
Improved runtime license check performance
Fixed Unity 3D protection issue
Fixed digital certificate signing issue
Fixed LINQ obfuscation issue
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 8-Mar-2016 Download
Added SHA1 / SHA-256 dual-signing support for code signing certificates
Improved String Encryption
Improved NecroBit
Improved Obfuscation for generic instance type parameter names
Improved Obfuscation for serializable types and members
Improved portable/universal assembly protection
Added Unity 3D obfuscation support for compressed web packages
Added comprehensive obfuscation exclusion editor ('2. Protection Settings'->'Obfuscation'->'Exclusions'->'Exclusion Rules')
Enhanced Control Flow Obfuscation
Now '<ProjectFileLocation>' can be used as part of the target file path
Improved startup time of protected assemblies
Now .NET Reactor requires significantly less memory with assemblies you protect all at once
Added option to embed pdb files inside a native exe file ('2. Protection Settings'->'Native EXE File'->'Embed Pdb File')
Further minor obfuscation improvements
Fixed merging issue in case main assembly has no pdb file but the merged ones
Fixed resource signature issue causing possible AV false positives
Fixed icon group resource issue (native exe file only)
Fixed issue with short string obfuscation
Fixed issue with exclusion rules affecting virtual methods
Fixed control flow bug for methods which doesn't have return instructions
Fixed pdb issue when using the VS Add-in
Fixed VS 2015 pdb issue
Fixed obfuscation problem related to methods declared as internal protected
Fixed x64 protection bug (BadImageFormatException) with x64 assemblies containing a native entry point
Fixed FIPS compatibility issue for .NET 2.0 assemblies running in Windows XP
.NET Reactor [] 19-May-2015 Download
Full Windows 10 support
Added Visual Studio 2015 Add-in
Added option to merge all obfuscated types inside a single namespace (random generated namespace or a user defined one)
Significantly improved obfuscation of virtual generic methods and generic method parameters
Improved event obfuscation. Now events are removed without affecting the runtime behavior
Improved NecroBit Protection
Improved Control Flow Obfuscation
Improved runtime performance of assemblies protected with String Encryption
Improved protection for Universal Apps and Universal/Portable Class Libraries
Now the menu item 'Tools' -> 'Generate Command-line Switches' generates encrypted passwords for strong name and digital certificate
Further minor obfuscation improvements
Fixed Windows Phone 8.1 protection issue
Fixed Windows Phone 8.1 deployment issue
Fixed protection problem on assemblies with ARM platform target
Fixed generic methods merging issue
Fixed problem affecting the combination Control Flow Obfuscation level 9 and cross assembly obfuscation
Fixed SQL assembly protection issue
Fixed network drive path issue
Fixed rare licensing problem affecting the combination 'Number Of Uses' + 'Run Without License File' -> 'True' + 'Individual Licensing Behaviour' -> 'True'
Fixed protection issue on classes containing properties decorated with JSON attributes
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 12-Jan-2015 Download
Improved performance of protected assemblies
Enhanced injected encryption algorithms
Enhanced algorithms to prevent false positive reports by AV engines
Improved control flow obfuscation
Improved Windows Store protection
Improved Silverlight 5 protection
Improved NecroBit Protection
Improved String Encryption
Improved ASP.NET assembly protection
Fixed resource encryption issue (x64 assemblies only)
Fixed x64 protection issue causing Windows 8 to reject to run protected apps
Fixed merging issue affecting generic methods
Fixed serialization obfuscation exclusion issue
Fixed icon problem for native exe files in case the target location is the source location
Fixed cross obfuscation issue
Fixed obfuscation issue on mixed mode assemblies
Fixed localization obfuscation problem
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 05-Jun-2014 Download
Improved NecroBit protection
Improved string encryption
Improved resource encryption and compression
Improved 'Inject Invalid Metatada' feature
New internal encryption algorithms to prevent static analysis by decompiler/deprotector
Fixed issue failing Windows Store Apps certification
Fixed issue affecting MarshalAsAttribute using UnmanagedType.SafeArray as paramter
Fixed control flow obfuscation issue
Fixed Anti ILDASM problem in case the base type of a class is SafeHandle
Fixed bug affecting unhandled exception handlers
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 04-Feb-2014 Download
Protection support for all portable assemblies
Improved interface obfuscation
Added cross assembly obfuscation support for internal types and members
Improved string encryption (decreased file size)
Significantly improved protection speed for control flow obfuscation
Improved resource encryption. Now Assembly.GetManifestResourceNames() returns the expected values
Improved Addin. VS variables $(SolutionDir) and $(ProjectDir) can be used for ".NET Reactor Project File", "Output File" and "Command Line Parameters"
Fixed .PDB issue on Windows 8.1 causing a NullReferenceException
Fixed stack trace deobfuscation bug
Fixed Anti ILDASM issue
Fixed resource issue when merging assemblies
Fixed issue with NAS/network drives
Fixed control flow obfuscation issue
Fixed issue removing constant fields from WPF applications
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 04-Nov-2013 Download
Full .NET 4.5.1 support
Added Visual Studio 2013 Add-in
Added 'Public Types Internalization' protection option
Added 'Generate Short Strings' obfuscation option
Added 'Obfuscate All Method Parameters' obfuscation option
Added Xamarin.Android protection support
Added Xamarin.iOS protection support
Improved hardware ID algorithm
Protected assemblies are full FIPS compliant now
Improved obfuscation for resource classes
Automatic removement of constant fields
Fixed issue embedding already protected assemblies
Fixed issue protecting Windows Phone 8 applications with the demo version of .NET Reactor
Fixed issue signing language resource assemblies
Fixed DEP issue (affecting .Net 4.5.1)
Fixed problem using 'Run Another Process After Expiration' option with parameters
Fixed resource encryption issue affecting applications referencing other applications
Fixed merging issue on XAP files
Fixed command line bug for instances lock parameter
Fixed Unity 3D protection issue
Fixed issue handling unhandled exceptions
Fixed problem automatically detecting/loading assemblies from the GAC
Fixed control flow level 9 issue (affecting generic method parameters)
Fixed LINQ obfuscation issue on virtual properties
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 10-Jun-2013 Download
Added cross assembly obfuscation (public type obfuscation for referenced libraries)
Full protection support for Windows 8 WinRT (Store/Metro/Modern) assemblies
Full protection support for Windows Phone 8 assemblies
Improved Silverlight 5 protection
Improved 'Anti ILDASM' protection (to break decompiler)
Added 'Inject Invalid Opcode' option (available as sub option for 'Anti ILDASM')
Improved Visual Studio Add-in
Improved performance of protected assemblies
Fixed 'PreJIT Methods" issue
Fixed 'Resource Encryption' issue
Fixed Visual Studio 2012 Add-in issue
Fixed NecroBit issue on x86 compiled assemblies
Fixed issue affecting the combination 'NecroBit' and 'Embed Assemblies'
Fixed issue for Silverlight 5 (referencing multiple versions of the same assembly)
Fixed issue for relative paths defined via Command-line
Fixed digital code signing problem on Windows 8
Fixed WPF problem on "Native EXE File" protected applications
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 12-Sep-2012 Download
Improved NecroBit protection
Improved String Encryption
Improved Anti ILDASM protection
Fixed Native EXE File issue on Windows 8
Fixed NecroBit File issue on Windows 8
Fixed strong name signing problem on x64 assemblies
Fixed debug database file (.pdb) issue
Fixed Anti ILDASM x64bit issue on x64 assemblies
Fixed BAML resource obfuscation issue
Fixed Silverlight 5 problem automatically loading referenced dependencies
.NET Reactor [] 14-May-2012 Download
Full Silverlight 5.0 protection support
Anti ILDASM adjustment
Fixed Licensing Issue
.NET Reactor [] 10-May-2012 Download
Added full .NET 4.5 (Beta) protection support
Improved Windows Phone 7 protection
Full x64 protection support ( input -> x64 -> output -> x64)
NecroBit adjustments
Improved Silverlight protection
Improved Compact Framework protection
Fixed NecroBit .NET 4.5 issue
Fixed Pre-JIT issue
Fixed Native Exe File issue
Fixed minor Bugs
.NET Reactor [] 21-Mar-2011 Download
Windows Phone 7 protection support
Full BAML obfuscation support (WPF)
Merging support for WPF assemblies
Automatic detection and processing of debug database files (.PDB) -> Preserves correct stack trace with line numbers
Debug database file merging support
Added option to encrypt only specific strings or to exclude them
Improved Lambda Expression obfuscation
Improved virtual method obfuscation
Increased performance of protected assemblies
Improved Visual Studio Add-in
Further minor protection improvements
Fixed Merging issue
Fixed Command-line issue (added dotNET_Reactor.Console.exe)
Fixed minor Bugs
.NET Reactor [] 11-Sep-2010 Download
Added obfuscation option "Ignore InternalsVisibleTo"
Add option to only merge specific assemblies without protecting them
Automatic detection and obfuscation of localization resource assemblies
Improved obfuscation for assemblies containing XAML resources
General obfuscation improvements (LINQ obfuscation...)
Improved ASP.NET assembly protection
Improved NecroBit protection
Fixed Visual Studio Add-in issue occured with solution sub folders
Fixed Silverlight 3/4 compatibility issue
Fixed DEP related issue occured with option "Native EXE File"
Fixed issue generating wrong command switches ('Tools'->'Generate Command-line Switches')
Fixed problem with custom attributes containing multi-dimensional arrays
Fixed Pre-Jit issue generating incorrect native code in special cases
Fixed (rare) String Encryption issue
Fixed minor Bugs
.NET Reactor [] 22-Apr-2010 Download
Full .NET Framework 4.0 RTM support
Full Silverlight 4.0 RTM support
Added Silverlight XAP file support
Improved Silverlight protection
Added menu item to generate command-line switches of the current project
Slightly improved output file size
Fixed Native EXE File issue for .NET 4.0
Fixed WPF 4.0 issue (error: "Can't find Assembly PresentationFramework")
Fixed Native EXE File issue caused by COMODO Firewall
Fixed Strong Name Removal Protection issue
Fixed ASP.NET obfuscation issue
Fixed Drag&Drop issue
Fixed Silverlight issue
Fixed RSA permission issue
Fixed issue saving the relative path of the strong name file
Fixed LINQ- reflection issue
Fixed problem with interop assemblies - custom attribute sometimes not saved correctly
Fixed merging issue
Fixed minor Bugs
.NET Reactor [] 02-Nov-2009 Download
Improved GUI
Added full Eiffel ENVisioN! support - Eiffel often produce unoptimized/uncompressed Metadata
Improved NecroBit/Reflection Compatibility Mode
Improved techniques to optimize output file size
Fixed DEP issue with "Native EXE File" protection
Fixed digital certificate signing issue - sometimes certificates was not applied correctly
Fixed command line issue - in some cases a second window was shown
Fixed ShareIt Module issue - module didn't worked correctly with v4.0 project files
Fixed Control Flow Obfuscation issues
Fixed project file loading issue
Fixed Mono assembly protection issue
Fixed merging issue
Fixed License status issue
Fixed hardware ID generation issue
Fixed minor Bugs
.NET Reactor [] 03-Oct-2009 Download
Added method Pre-JIT support
Decreased file size of applications protected with "Native EXE File"
Improved control flow obfuscation
Improved protection speed
Added dependency scanner
Minor GUI enhancements
Fixed Assembly.Location issue of applications protected with "Native EXE File"
Fixed Compact Framework control flow issue
Fixed .NET 4.0 protection issue
Further major & minor bugs fixed
.NET Reactor [BETA] 27-May-2009
New fast & efficient assembly processing engine
New resource compression & encryption feature
New anti tampering feature
New anti decompiling feature
New obfuscation options
New control flow obfuscation engine
Improved string encryption
Silverlight 2.0 assembly protection support
Full .NET Framework 4.0 Beta runtime support
Full 64 bit support for applications and libraries
Full Windows 7 support
Removed 'Library' + 'Application' protection modes - there is only one mode now
No requirement for native runtime library anymore (in former 'Library' mode)
Auto detection for Compact Framework and Silverlight assemblies
New native file generation for applications (not available in this Beta)
Replaced LicenseGenWrapper.dll with LicenseGen.dll - LicenseGen.exe is not required anymore
Improved hardware ID algorithm, it filters out all USB & Firewire drives
Added GetHardwareID method with parameters to License.dll
GUI enhancements
Many other minor enhancements
Fixed bug causing missing method exception
Fixed minor Bugs
.NET Reactor [] 12-Nov-2008 Download
Improved merging feature for library mode
Improved assembly encryption for application mode
NecroBit adjustments
Further improvements for assemblies obfuscated with 3rd party tools
Obfuscation engine improved (partially rewritten)
Fixed generics issue for .NET 3.5
Fixed signing issue
Fixed obfuscation issue
Minor bugs fixed
.NET Reactor [] 29-Aug-2008 Download
Invalid Metadata injection for library mode (Suppress ILDASM)
Enhanced NecroBit support for .NET 3.5
Improved WPF support
Control Flow Obfuscation enhancements
Improved Obfuscation
Fixed issue with creating sub directories
Fixed obfuscation issue
Fixed control flow issue
Minor bugs fixed
.NET Reactor [] 13-Jun-2008 Download
Control Flow Obfuscation enhancements
Added ability to pack Assemblies as embedded resource in applications (library mode)
Better handling of assemblies obfuscated with 3rd party tools
Enhanced memory management
Internal improvements
Fixed issue with high-resolution Vista icons
Fixed signing issue
Fixed control flow issue
Minor bugs fixed
.NET Reactor [BETA] 10-May-2008
New Control Flow Obfuscation Core (library mode)
.NET Reactor [] 10-May-2008 Download
Fixed merging issue (application mode)
.NET Reactor [] 03-May-2008 Download
NecroBit enhancements
Improved WPF support (library mode)
Improved Webservice support (library mode)
Control Flow Obfuscation adjustments
Improved internal timer handling (Evaluation Period, Expiration Date)
Internal improvements
Fixed Minor Obfuscation issues
Fixed Threading issue
Minor bugs fixed
.NET Reactor [] 20-Feb-2008 Download
NecroBit adjustments
Fixed Merging issue
.NET Reactor [] 19-Feb-2008 Download
Improved NecroBit
Improved Obfuscation Engine
Optimized memory managment
Internal improvements
Fixed Digital Signing Issue
Fixed random "Unexpected Exception" bug while assembly protection
Minor bugs fixed
.NET Reactor [] 19-Jan-2008
Added option to control the level of Control Flow Obfuscation
Preservation of Vista manifest resources
Improved runtime behavior of trial locked assemblies
Obfuscation adjustments
NecroBit adjustments
Minor GUI adjustments
Internal protection improvements
Fixed NecroBit issue
Fixed Visual Studio 2008 Add-In issue
.NET Reactor [] 22-Dec-2007
Added Visual Studio 2008 Add-In menu item
Internal protection improvements
Assembly merging improvements
Fixed license file privilege issue on Vista
.NET Reactor [] 13-Dec-2007
Support for Visual Studio 2008
Support for .NET 3.5
Improved performance
Improved license routines
NecroBit adjustments
Added WPF Application presets
Internal protection improvements
Fixed logfile issue
Fixed issues in handling some obfuscation attributes
Fixed obfuscation issue
.NET Reactor [] 12-Sep-2007
Code morphing adjustments
Improved Obfuscation Engine
.NET Reactor [] 07-Sep-2007
Improved Obfuscation Engine
Removal of unused class properties
.NET Reactor [] 04-Sep-2007
New internal NecroBit architecture
Added code morphing routines
Added new anti cracking routines
Fixed Merging issue
Fixed Obfuscation issue
.NET Reactor [] 17-Aug-2007
Enhanced Visual Studio 2005 Add-In
Added Option "Strong Name Removal Protection"
Added Option "NecroBit/Reflection Compatibility Mode"
Fixed NecroBit issue
.NET Reactor [] 11-Aug-2007
Improved Control Flow Obfuscation Engine for Compact Framework assemblies
Improved NecroBit runtime behaviour
Improved/Simplified Phone Activation System
Improved Merge Engine
New Visual Studio 2005 automation Add-In
Added option 'Suppress ILDASM'
Added ability to embed native files (*_nat.dll) into protected assemblies
Internal improvements
Fixed hardware ID (HID) issue
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 23-Jun-2007
New Compact Framework Control Flow Obfuscation Engine
Added option to disable automatic exception handling
Improved Obfuscation Engine
Improved Merge Engine
Internal improvements (Licensing System, NecroBit...)
Fixed Windows Vista Unicode Problem
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 09-Jun-2007
Fixed major obfucation bug in "Library" protection mode
.NET Reactor [] 07-Jun-2007
Improved licensing system
Added additional methods and properties to License.dll
No need for Windows Vista admin privileges for license locked assemblies anymore
Improved execution speed of license locked assemblies
Improved Obfuscation Engine
Added support for System.Reflection.ObfuscationAttribute
Added support to prevent serializable types from obfuscation
Internal improvements
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 21-Apr-2007
Improved Obfuscation Engine
Added Authenticode digital signature support
Enhanced handling of Windows Vista admin privileges
Added support to merge several libraries into one single library
Significantly improved help file
Improved string encryption
Internal improvements
Fixed NecroBit bug
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 03-Mar-2007
New NecroBit protection core
New encryption technology for license files
Added lock "Number of Instances"
New lock and license settings
Added support to switch between v2.x and v3.x license encryption
Added support to define the target location of protected assemblies via the GUI
Added progressbar for command line mode
Improved obfuscation core
Improved Application+NecroBit protection
Improved .NET Compact Framework assembly support
Improved GUI
Improved exception handling of protected applications
Better handling of Vista admin privileges
Internal improvements
Fixed licensing bugs
Fixed obfuscation bugs
.NET Reactor [] 10-Feb-2007
Improved handling of Windows Vista admin privileges
Improved library protection
Improved "License Invalidation Tool" - invalidates all kind of license files now
Added license invalidation functionality to "License.dll" (SDK)
Added StackTraceDeobfuscator.dll to SDK
Internal improvements
Fixed licensing bug
.NET Reactor [] 02-Feb-2007
Improved Licensing System
Added support for selecting hardware components(Hardware Lock)
Added " License Invalidation Tool"
Added "Hardware ID Tool - Generator"
Improved Help System
Internal improvements
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 01-Jan-2007
Improved Control Flow Obfuscation
Added "Number Of Uses" Lock
Improved Compact Framework protection
Improved .NET Reactor SDK
New License.dll
Internal protection improvements
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 25-Nov-2006
Improved obfuscation engine
Added support to obfuscate public types and members
.NET Reactor [] 21-Nov-2006
Added regular expression support for static license file names
Added invariant culture support for hardware ID's, license file names etc.
Improved hardware ID generation
Improved exception handling
Improved Phone Activation System
Fixed Library/'Inbuild Evaluation Period' lock bug
Fixed SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault problem
Fixed Vista/Icon problem
Fixed PFX bug
.NET Reactor [] 13-Oct-2006
Improved Licensing System
Improved GUI
Added managed wrapper for native "LicenseGen.exe"
Improved protection support for Windows Server Software
Improved string encryption
Fixed Windows Vista string encryption bug
Fixed "Library" + "Compression" bug
.NET Reactor [] 08-Sep-2006
Added Obfuscation Mapping File support
Fixed obfuscation bug
.NET Reactor [] 04-Sep-2006
New protection core
.NET SDK independend
Full PFX file support
Full icon support
Fixed licensing bug
Fixed obfuscation bug
.NET Reactor [] 08-Aug-2006
New Licensing Features
New license generation tool (SDK)
More intuitive GUI
Added unprintable character support (Obfuscation)
Fixed string encryption bug
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 06-Jul-2006
New Obfuscation Engine
New anti clock manipulation technique
Improved Licensing System
Fixed loading issue with some sort of assemblies
.NET Reactor [] 17-Jun-2006
Protection type "Application" now with inbuild NecroBit protection
Added "DoNotObfuscate" attribute support (see SDK)
Added full generic parameters protection support
Protection improvements
Compatibility improvements (Compact_Framework_Mode)
Fixed issue when enabling "Application" + "Pre-Obfuscation"
Fixed issue with application properties and special characters
.NET Reactor [] 09-May-06
Added multi assembly protection support
Added Mono library support
Added debug file support
Added phone activation\licensing system (\tools\Phone Activation System\)
Improved .NET Reactor API
.NET Reactor [] 14-Apr-2006
Added support for multi character set(obfuscation)
Improved internal protection
Full Windows x64 support
Fixed protection deadlock with some libraries
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 22-Mar-2006
Added Log File
Fixed licensing bug
.NET Reactor [] 10-Mar-2006
Improved Hardware ID Licensing System
Added customizeable MessageBox support
Added licensing command line paramters
Added support to enable/disable VisualStyles
Added support to enable/disable string encryption
Added .NET library icon support
.NET Reactor [] 22-Feb-2006
New .NET library protection system
Introduces new NecroBit protection technology
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 08-Feb-2006
Improved exception handling
Improved icon support
Fixed compression bug with satellite assemblies
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 02-Feb-2006
Added 'native code' licensing control system for .NET library protection
Added string encryption for .NET library protection
Fixed 'software lock access' issue with .NET libraries
Fixed minor bugs
.NET Reactor [] 24-Jan-2006
.NET Reactor 2.0 available
Fixed minor & major bugs
.NET Reactor [ Beta] 02-Dec-2005
.NET Reactor 2.0 BETA available