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IntelliLock Online Help

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Menu/Bar Items

- Tasks

  • New Project - Creates a new project.
  • Open Project - Opens an existing project.
  • Save Project - Saves the open project.
  • Add Assembly - Adds a .NET assembly to the assembly list of the current project.
  • Finalize - Lock/Protect your assemblies.
  • Exit - Closes IntelliLock.


- License Management

  • Customers - Manage your customers.
  • Products - Manage your products.
  • Sales - Manage your sales.
  • License Tracker - Shows the license file generation history.
  • Backup Database - Backups your database. You can access the database with the corresponding SDK libraries.
  • Restore Database - Restores your database. You can restore ASP.NET management databases as well.
  • Clear Datase - Removes all database entries.


- Tools

  • License Check - A tool which checks license information of a license file.
  • Hardware ID Check - Generate the Hardware ID of your current machine.
  • Stack Trace Deobfuscator - Uses an IntelliLock mapping file to deobfuscate stack traces and error messages.
  • Deactivation Code Verificator - Lets you know if the generated deactivation code is valid and on which machine the deactivation code is generated.
  • License Reactivator - Generates reactivation codes for invalidated license files.
  • VS Add-In - Installs the IntelliLock Visual Studio Automation Add-In.


- Wizards

  • Command-Line Switches - Generates command-line parameters which correspond your current project settings.
  • ASP.Net Web Management - Creates an ASP.NET management and license validation interface for your ASP.Net server/account.
  • e-Commerce IPN Handlers - Creates e-Commerce instant payment notification handlers you can use on your ASP.Net server/account. The handlers automatically create license files, send them to your customers and add new customers to the integrated database.
  • Floating License Server - Provides information how to use a global server or intranet for floating licensing.
  • License Server Validation - Provides information how to automatically validate license files against your ASP.Net server/account.


- Help

  • Help - Opens Help.
  • Homepage - - Visit our web site.
  • Contact - Please read this help file carefully before mailing us questions. To report a problem read this ypagey first.
  • Update - Checks if a newer version is available.
  • Activate IntelliLock - Activate IntelliLock to allow full use.
  • EULA - Please read this license agreement carefully.
  • About - Displays version and license information.