User guide

Main Panel

The main panel consists of 5 pages. Each page is designed to accomplish a special range of tasks and setups.
In the Assemblies page you can specify several assemblies as well as the destination path of the IntelliLock output. The first assembly in the assembly list is the main assembly. If you define more than one assembly you can choose to merge them or lock/protect them separately. With the button "Properties" you can setup strong name or digital certificate settings for each assembly separately.
Lock Settings
Using a variety of evaluation locks, IntelliLock gives you the ability to control use of your assembly in a variety of ways - trial versions, software rental, custom locks, software as a service - all are possible using IntelliLock locks, and all without any modifications to your source code. We recommend that you spend some time to understand these license enforcement options as the time you invest in doing so will be time well spent.
In the Lock Settings page you specify the licensing controls you want IntelliLock to build into your assembly when you protect it. These locks are implemented by additional code which IntelliLock includes in the protected assembly and requires no changes to your assembly source code to implement. One of the powerful features of IntelliLock licensing is that the settings you inbuild into your assembly can be overridden by providing a license file to your customer, meaning you do not need to supply a separate licensed version of your program - the trial version and full version are exactly the same, the only difference being the license file you provide to paying customers.
License Generator
The IntelliLock license system allows you to distribute your assembly without a license file provided that you have set "Run Without Valid License" to True. When your customer purchases a license, you use the License Generator or the SDK to build a license file to unlock your assembly. Lock settings in a license file always override settings which are stored in the assembly.
To create a valid license file, the same master key must be used for license creation as was used to lock your assembly. This master key is generated when you create your project, which must be saved to preserve the original key, otherwise you will be unable to generate valid license files.
Protection Settings
The Protection Settings page allows you to enable a various of protection options.
The Finalization page shows you the current lock/protection progress while IntelliLock processes your assemblies.